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Why Our Students Love This Department:

Alex Harbour
 “From day one Master Sung saw my passion and potential. He made it his mission to ensure that I got everything I needed to succeed in the field of photography. He listened to me, gave me advice, and discussed different options I had that could help turn my passion into a career. Even after graduation, Master Sung continued to make me a priority. Master Sung has single handedly changed the direction of my life to be in one that I never thought possible. He and other faculty from PC’s art department have changed the way I think about art and myself as an artist. Leaving PC with a BA in biology and a minor in art, I feel like I received a unique and well-rounded education. No matter what the future holds I know that I’ll have Master Sung and other PC faculty by my side supporting me and opening doors for me every step of the way.”
Forever a friar,

Alexandra Harbour
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