Art and Art History Events

Students in the gallery

The Department of Art and Art History maintains a busy schedule of exhibitions, lectures, and other events that serve to enhance any student’s program of study. The Department has hosted several renowned artists including Christo, a noted installation artist who famously partnered with his wife Jean-Claude to wrap numerous landmarks around the globe and Robert Wilson who is a well known avant-garde theatre artist. The Department has also hosted many notable exhibitions including the works of Alice Lok-Cahana, a Holocaust survivor whose works reflect her struggle and survival. Her works are featured in the Vatican Museum Collection of Modern Religious Art and she was featured in Stephen Spielberg’s Documentary, The Last Days. The Department also co-hosted an important exhibition featuring the work of twentieth century performance artist and sculptor Joseph Beuys with the David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University.  The Department is committed to fostering a vibrant and active atmosphere in which scholarly discussion focused on the history and practice of the visual arts can take place.

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