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Credited Internships for Studio Art and Art History Students


For credit-bearing internships, you must:

1) Find a faculty supervisor in the appropriate department (for studio art credit this must be a
studio professor, and for art history credit your supervisor must be an art history prof).

It is important to realize that credit internships involve an academic component, to be worked out in
advance between you and your faculty supervisor. This may take the form of some combination of
readings, essays, a journal, a research paper, portfolio or other presentation. Your faculty supervisor will
determine your final grade.

2) Work with your faculty supervisor and the site supervisor at your internship to complete the College wide Academic
Learning Agreement Form for Internships & Field Experiences, and submit it to the Associate Director for Internships in
the Career Education Center (Slavin 108) within the first 3 weeks of the semester. You should also provide signed copies
to your faculty supervisor, your site supervisor, and Lynn Curtis, Department Internship Coordinator for Art & Art

This form applies to academic year internships only – there is a separate form for summer internships, which
must be obtained in person from the Career Education Center Office.

The Academic Learning Agreement form provides a structure for you, your site supervisor and your faculty
supervisor to outline learning objectives, expectations on all sides, and evaluation criteria.

3) Register for the course (via SCE if in summer) and pay tuition (new policy as of 11/15 is that the tuition rate
for a summer internship is $550). This MUST be done in advance – the College DOES NOT award retroactive credit
for internships. The deadline for internship registration is the same as that for adding any other academic course – see
the college calendar for specific dates. Students must complete both of the above steps (internship course registration,
and submission of completed Learning Agreement form) in order to be eligible for academic credit for an

As of this date, Art History students register for internships under ARH 450, Internship in Art History.
Studio Art students register for internships under ART 490, Independent Study, with a section number to be
determined at the time of registration. You must consult with the Department Chair or Assistant Chair to
register for this course.

Please note that the procedures for summer credit internships are not identical to those for academic Year
internships, so be sure to check with the Career Education Center for their current guidelines on summer

Even if you find a non-credit internship entirely on your own and do not use the College’s forms or work with
faculty, PLEASE let our department’s Internship Coordinator, Lynn Curtis, know about your plans, and
afterwards how it went, in particular whether you would recommend your experience to future PC Art and Art
History students.