Bing Huang

Assistant Professor
Department of Art History


Ph.D.- Harvard University
2018 Recognition for Teaching Excellence: Innovation in Teaching
Room: Hunt-Cavanagh 205

Areas of Interest and Expertise:

Media, Technology, and Business | Virtual Reality | AI Generative Art | Art and Technology |Digital Heritage

Chinese Painting | Han Dynasty Tomb and Architecture | Maritime Silk Road | Buddhist Art | China and Europe | The Long Eighteenth-Century


Collaborator and Chinese Art Scholar. “Celestial Cities: Newport and China.” Rosecliff Mansion. September 1, 2023 – February 11, 2024.

Courses taught:

  • *Note to prospective students who wish to take my courses: All my course sessions have 15 seats in the Art History Department and 3 in Asian Studies (cross-listed). You can check seat availability through either portal. However, due to the immense popularity of “Asian Art” and “Asian Art through VR Games,” these two courses are filled with seniors on the first day of enrollment (seniors get to pick classes first). Our department chair, Dr. Crenshaw, has opted to employ staggered enrollment in order to reserve some seats for underclassmen. You will notice that the course has just 5 available seats when registration opens for seniors, 10 seats when registration opens for juniors, and then a full enrollment of 18 seats when registration opens for sophomores and freshmen. If you are a senior who missed out on one of the five open spots during senior registration, please keep a close eye on the course. Occasionally, seats will become available following the registration of freshmen, and some seats will become available at any stage as a result of students dropping the course due to schedule conflicts.
  • ARH 104: Asian Art* (cross-listed with Asian Studies, AST 104)
  • ARH 218: Asian Art through VR Games* (cross-listed with Asian Studies, AST 218)
  • ARH 470 Advance Special Topic: Art, Tech and Innovation: Exploring New Frontiers (upcoming spring 2024)
  • ARH 498: Principles of Research
  • HON 220: Liberal Arts Honors: The Dimensions of Art
  • ARH 470 Advance Special Topic: Art, Machine and Learning in Eighteenth-Century China
  • ARH 270 Special Topic: Chinese Art

Selected Publications:

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:

Liu, Guan, and Bing Huang. 2023. “The hybrid origin of the dragon-wrapped column in Han dynasty China” Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 22, no.4: 1970-94.

Chen, Yushu, and Bing Huang. 2023. “Images of Chinese women in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century European exotic knowledge books” Women’s History Review. 

Chen, Yushu, and Bing Huang. 2022. “The Influence of Daoist Astrology on the Chinese Visual Representation of Tejaprabhā Buddha” Religions 13, no. 11: 1016.

Huang, Bing. 2022. “From God’s Hand to the Hand of the Artisan: The Turned Ivory Sphere and the Polyhedron in Qing China.” Studies in Chinese Religions 8, no. 2: 202–37.

Huang, Bing. 2022. “The Posture of Lalitāsana: Buddhist Posing Hierarchy in a Tang-Dynasty Chinese Bronze Sculpture” Religions 13, no. 8: 740.

Huang, Bing. 2022. “The Religious and Technological History of the Tang Dynasty Spherical Incense Burner” Religions 13, no. 6: 482.

Huang, Bing, Liam Bixby, Ryan Britt, and Nicholas Rich. 2022. “Playing in the Past: Digital Art History in the Age of VR Gaming.” The International Journal of Arts Theory and History 17 (1): 1-23. doi:10.18848/2326-9952/CGP/v17i01/1-23.

Huang, Bing. 2021. “Deciphering the Shi Jun Sarcophagus Using Sogdian Religious Beliefs, Tales, and Hymns” Religions 12, no. 12: 1060.

Huang, Bing. 2021. “Seen from Afar: The Cultural Impact of Telescopes in Eighteenth-Century China.” The International Journal of Arts Theory and History 16 (2): 37-52. doi:10.18848/2326-9952/CGP/v16i02/37-52.

Editor-reviewed Book Chapters

Huang, Bing. 2023. “The Gimbal-Mounted Xiangnang and Its Transmission to the Islamic World during the Yuan Dynasty.” In Worldmaking in East Asian Buddhism, edited by Jinhua Chen and Eugene Wang. Singapore:World Scholastic Publishers.

Huang, Bing. 2019. “Easy on Our Eyes, Easy on Our Brains: VR and the Future of Art History.” In Proceedings of the 34th World Congress of Art History, edited by Dazhen Shao, Di’an Fan, and Qingsheng Zhu, 3:1929–33. Shanghai: The Commercial Press.

Selected Presentations and Panels:

Presenter. The Celestial City: Newport and China, Asia Week New York. Webinar. Tuesday, September 12.

Panel discussant. Harvard Visual China Inaugural Graduate Symposium “Luminosity in Chinese Art & Culture”. Harvard University Department of History of Art and Architecture and Harvard CAMLab. Cambridge, MA. March 24, 2023.

Presenter. “The Famensi Xiangnang and Buddhist Worldmaking.” One Temple, One World. East Asian Buddhist Worldmaking Conference. Glorisun Buddhist Network and Harvard CamLab. Virtual. August 2021.

Panel discussant. Buddhist Worlds through Arts and Literature. East Asian Buddhist Worldmaking Conference. Glorisun Buddhist Network and Harvard CamLab. Virtual. August 2021.

Presenter. “Bird’s-Eye Panoramic View without a Drone: Xu Yang’s ‘Syzygy of the Sun, Moon, and the Five Planets’ Scroll.” Visuality and Knowledge Creation of China’s Great Urban Centers. 2020 Association for Asian Studies Conference. Boston, MA & Virtual. March 2020.

Presenter. “The Armillary in the Boudoir: What is it Doing There.” Chinese Optics: Artful Looking Workshop. Harvard History of Art and Architecture Department and Harvard CAMLab. Cambridge, MA. May 2019.

Presenter. “The Demon’s Work: The Polyhedron and the Mechanized Worldview in Chinese Art.” Ivory All Tedesca: Circulation, Reception, and Knowledge. 2018 Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA. March 2018

Organizer. Buddhist Art and the Use of Multimedia Technology Workshop. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA. April 2017.

Junior Chair. Session18: Media and Visuality. The 34th Comité International d’Histoire de l’Art (CIHA). Beijing, China. September 2016.

Organizer. Cave Visions and Deep Media Symposium. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA. Jun 2016.

Organizer. Sha Fei: The Photographer Who Shaped Modern China. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA. Jun 2016.

Presenter.  “Bewitched and Bothered: Garden as Theatrical Space.” Space in Renaissance Italy Conference. Villa I Tatti and Harvard Center Shanghai. Shanghai, October 2014.

Presenter. “The Posture of Lalitasana: A Case Study of a Buddhist Bronze of the Tang Dynasty”. The Contexts of Buddhist Art: A Graduate Student Workshop. Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. St. Louis, MO. 10–11 November 2011.

Academic Affiliations and Awards:

2021-2024: Research Associate, Harvard CAMLab

2021-2022: Associate in Research, Harvard Fairbank Center (deferred)

Summer 2020: Arts and Sciences Summer Scholars, Providence College

2017-2018: Innovation in Teaching Award, Providence College

2015-2018: Vice President, Harvard Visual China

2016-2017: Media, Literacy and Visualization Fellow, Harvard Derek Bok Center

2017–2018: Harvard Dissertation Completion Fellowship

2017–2018: Fairbank Center Graduate Associate, Harvard University

Summer 2017: Jens Aubrey Westengard Fund, Harvard University

2015–2016: Doctoral Research Fellowship, Metropolitan Center for Far Eastern Art Studies, Kyoto, Japan

Summer 2016: Harvard Graduate Student Council Summer Research Grant

Summer 2016: Asia Center Summer Research Grant, Harvard University

2015–2016: Harvard Term Time Merit Fellowship

2015-2016: Graduate Fellow, Villa I Tatti, The Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies

2014–2015: Dumbarton Oaks Fellowship

Summer 2015: Lee and Juliette Folger Fund, Harvard University

Summer 2014: Fairbank Center Graduate Student Summer Research Grant, Harvard University

Summer 2013: Summer Language Study Grant (for Japanese language study), Reischauer Institute

2010: Shanghai Outstanding Graduates Award. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

2009: Charles B. Wang Oil Painting Award.