Sophia Forneris senior thesis exhibtion


Studio Art Major

The studio art program features a strong foundation in the fundamentals of visual art, beginning with the study of two- and three-dimensional design and drawing. A studio art major can pursue a concentration in the following areas: ceramics, digital imaging, drawing, painting, photography (traditional and digital), printmaking, and sculpture. Additionally, the student is required to take four art history courses.

In the second semester of the senior year, all studio art majors present a thesis exhibition. This is a special opportunity for students to exhibit a coherent body of work, complete with artist’s statement, in one of two departmental galleries, and publish their work in the department’s annual Providence College Art Journal.

Studio art majors complete a minimum of 51 semester hours for credit including:

  • ART 101 Visual Design I
  • ART 102 Visual Design II
  • ART 111 Drawing I
  • ART 112 Drawing II
  • ART 213 Drawing III
  • ARH 106 Art History Survey
  • Three art history electives
  • Four studio electives
  • Four courses in the chosen area of studio concentration, including the senior thesis

Studio Art Minor

A studio minor can be had in one of the following areas: ceramics, digital imaging,  drawing, painting,  photography, printmaking, or sculpture. The minor requires twenty-one (21) credit hours of study.

Students must declare a minor in the Studio Art program by the end of their junior year. It is also required that their art work be included in the Art Minor Show during their senior year.

Students enrolled in a minor program in Studio Art will satisfy three categories:

  • Three (3) foundations courses: ART 101 or 102, Design I or II; ART 111, Drawing I; ARH 106, Art History Survey.
  • One introductory studio elective from the following: ART 121, Sculpture I; ART 131, Painting I; ART 141, 142, or 143, Printmaking; ART 151, Ceramics I; ART 171, Photography I.
  • Three (3) courses in one of the following concentrations: Ceramics, Digital Imaging, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, or Sculpture.