Digital Printmaking

Printmaking in the Art and Art History Department investigates imagery made by Monotype, Etching and Screenprinting, by hand and with the computer.

ART 141 Monotype is a combination of drawing, painting and printing. Printing ink is painted on a plate with a variety of tools and printed on paper, yielding one strong impression and the possibility of many variations. Recently rediscovered, Monotype’s ability to move an idea forward is a valuable asset for an artist.

Etching involves drawing marks into a plate, filling the marks with ink and printing on a press, a process little changed from Rembrandt’s time. The difference is that the computer and photo reactive material have changed how the marks are placed on the plate. In ART 242 Digital Imaging: Etching, both approaches will be investigated, including the newest method of drawing with a graphics tablet directly to the computer.

Screenprinting presses ink through a stencil that has been placed on fabric. In ART 243 Digital Imaging: Screenprinting, the fabric is polyester, the stencil is rendered by detailed photo emulsion and the stencil image is created on the computer by using a graphics tablet to sketch, draw, edit and collage. Images are transferred precisely to the screen using a basic photo process, and once on the screen, are layered in multiple colors.

All courses have many demonstrations, discussions and critiques, since each course creates ideas against a background of dialogue and technique. Students develop a personal opinion by discussing their images in class with their peers and producing increasingly sophisticated ideas. This participation in an artist community extends to the annual faculty review, which offers an opportunity to present opinions and artwork to the entire Department. This effort culminates in the capstone experience for Studio Art, the senior exhibition. Students concentrating in Printmaking will enroll in ART 495 Printmaking Thesis, and prepare a thesis and mature portfolio of artwork that will result in a Gallery exhibition and publication in the Department’s Art Journal.

In addition to Printmaking courses, students will take 15 credit hours in foundation study, 12 credit hours in Art History and the remaining credits in studio electives, one of which will be in a 3-D medium.

The Department also offers a Minor course of study in Studio Art consisting of 21 credits.

The Printmaking studio is located in Hunt/Cavanagh Hall and all equipment, including the etching press and screen frames, are professional quality. In addition to a computer lab with the latest imaging software, we have a computer-controlled platemaker for Etching and a similar machine for Screenprinting.